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A Look Back

After a few days of resting, I have begun to look back on my trip. I’ve decided to end my post with a much lighter topic. One of my favorite things about the trip was being able to sleep with my window open. This small yet untraditional thing was a calming highlight at the end of some very hectic days.

In the US hotels, as far as I know, are not allowed to have fully operable windows. Even in my home, there are screens in the windows and in my dorm the windows only open about five inches for necessary air circulation. I can’t say that I’ve ever spent considerable time in a place that allowed me to open the windows all the way up or out and stick my head out for a rush of cool air.

Perhaps fully operable windows were a necessity in the small hotels where we stayed. The heating and air was less than desirable in every room and was often shut off to conserve energy. Whatever the reason, I welcomed the return to natural cooling. Open windows created beautiful moments worthy of cinema such as billowing curtains or women shaking rugs from across the street and I was able to take it all in with my elbow on the sill and hair blowing in the wind.

About Autumn

I am a rising third-year student studying architecture at UT. I am originally from Memphis TN and I have loved my time in East TN. At UTK I have taken an interest in serving the underrepresented. I have fulfilled this role by becoming an ambassador and a leader within the college of architecture and the university as a whole. I am looking forward to going abroad so that I can learn more about the history of other cultures as well as their present!