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Impacting Memory

Over the course of this trip I had the privilege to learn and study aspects of how World War 2 is remembered and represented across the globe as well as the experiencing cultures that are completely new and foreign to me. The museums and memorials that I saw gave me a better understanding of how we as cultures and a societies choose to remember. Each memorial we saw was very different than the others, whether in content or representation, and presented a unique view of the war and its effects on society. Seeing these formed a much more tangible memory of World War 2 made it just that more real. Another impact that I  gained from this trip was finally getting to experience other cultures and societies. The different lifestyles and mindsets that were prevalent in each country we visited were very different yet all more similar to each other than to the culture I am used to in America. This was highly impactful for me because it will allow me to move forward in my education with the ability to create narratives and thesis in my architectural classes that have a broader world view. This trip allowed me to see and experience so many things that I have wished to for so long and I couldn’t be more thankful.