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Thanks Clive!

The 2018 Normandy Scholars Study Abroad Trip is now moving on from the UK to France. After three jam-packed days of museums and memorials (and fish and chips), we’re taking the overnight ferry from Portsmouth to Caen. Our guide in the UK, Clive Fuller, enriched our experience tremendously with his wit, hospitality, and wealth of knowledge about a variety of topics. These included but were not limited to the British Monarchy, the new plastic currency, the upcoming royal wedding and, even the history of the word posh.

For instance, I don’t think any of us knew that the word was originally an anagram for “Port Out, Starboard Home,” which referred to the location of the most preferable cabins on ships sailing from the UK to India. Cabins in those locations were protected from the harsh rays of the sun, which made them more expensive. Who knew? Thanks, Clive!