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Missed Opportunities that Turn into New Ones

Photo of me with two giant bears at Harrods

Walking down the pristine streets of Kensington had me a bit nostalgic. I was in London six years ago with a few students from my high school. Passing a few museums and other historical sites, I remember a 15 year old in such awe and amazement at everything that was around me. Even though that awe and amazement has not left me, I have had a few missed opportunities here. At the moment, I have three friends outside of the Normandy Scholars program who are in the city. Two go to UT and one I met when I was in studying abroad in Costa Rica. The two that go to UT have their own busy itineraries, and I could see them any time in Knoxville. It would have just been crazy to meet up overseas. However, Becky, my friend from Costa Rica, I have not seen in two years and would have loved to meet up. In Costa Rica, I promised her the next time I was in London I would try to see her, but she has her finals and did not have the time. Although I was unable to see her, the day was not wasted. I needed to cross off a few things from my touristic list, since I do not know when I will be here next. One of them was going to Harrods. Harrods is the equivalent of Macy;s in New York, but in my opinion, more posh and glamorous. We saw expensive books, an art gallery, high end fashion, and souvenirs for the upcoming wedding.Another royal wedding will not happen in at least 20 years, so I thought better soak up this opportunity while I am here. Even though the day was not what I envisioned, I am glad that I got to see a London icon.