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Deep Interior

In Paris the memorial the struck me the most was the French deportation museum. This small alcove was simplistic and minimal but carried with it strong emotional implications that call viewers to reflect and remember. Upon entering between the regulated crack in the walls, the occupant is confronted by a deep interior. The immediate view is a long and narrow hallway line with stones that lead to a small dismal light at the end of it all. This view immediately sobers any guest and affirms the dialog that will be proposed throughout this memorial. Inscribed among the maze of walls within the memorial were quotes in a cryptic typography. These words were transcribed in French but from the large scaled placement on the walls and the rigid etching into the stone it was evident that the words on the wall cut deep. This greatly contrasted the simplistic geometric quality that the architecture implied. These two juxtapositions created an artistically intertwined narrative that beautifully captured history inside a stereotomic form and allowed occupants to form their own opinions from the materials provided.