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Bletchley Park

It’s the early morning of our third day in London, and we’re about to check out of the Lancaster Gate Hotel to start our day at the Imperial War Museum. We’ve had a couple days already packed with new places to see and things to do. So far, the highlight of my study abroad experience comes from the energy in Bletchley Park. With the peaceful atmosphere lingering around the outside of the buildings throughout the park, it’s easy to miss everything that’s happening inside the buildings surrounding the land. But once you step inside those brick walls, you become immersed in the secret, concealed part of the war. The huts are filled with the faint sounds of women clicking away at their keyboards. Reminders are plastered to the walls: careless talk costs lives. Every room is dimly lit with artificial light, as the blackened windows block views to the outside. As I made my way through the unique rooms within the huts, I tried to imagine what role I’d have if I worked there. Would I work with the intelligence officers, watch keepers, and advisers to forge “spy” reports, or would I reveal the Enigma’s fatal flaws and help win major sea battles? The huts themselves fueled my imagination, but they also perfectly captured the reality and significance of every person in Bletchley Park.