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After Period History: Continuation of the Program

The last museum we visited in the trip was Haus der Geschichte. This museum explained the history of German after the war and to the current era. I love learning about the Cold War, so this museum really peaked my interest.

We started with different types of flags that Germany hung from their windows after the war. Many of the people did not have any of the Allied flags to hang, so they altered the Nazi flags to the Allied flags.

Hanging of the British, American, Russian, and French Flag

Hanging of the British, American, Russian, and French Flag














The tour guide explained the exhibit of beginning of the separation of Berlin into West and East. This was the beginning of the Cold War that spanned the next four decades. The exhibit of the Berlin Airdrop was inside an original C-47; it showed the different types of goods that were dropped to West Germany to counter the blockade that the USSR tried to push to try to take control of Berlin.

Goods inside a US Care package during the Berlin Airdrop

Inside of a C-47 which as used to drop the care packages

Inside of a C-47 which as used to drop the care packages

Monopoly board from East Berlin

The hand crafted Monopoly board from GDR

I found it interesting that the people who were stuck in East Berlin smuggled goods and ideas from West Berlin. For example, a family smuggled the Lego pieces and photos of the board of Monopoly to recreate the game. The exhibit is seen below.

The most iconic item that the museum had was sections of the collapsed Berlin Wall. The destruction of the Berlin Wall signified the creation of a new united Germany in 89’.

part of the Berlin wall and a car

Original Pieces of the wall and one of the first cars that drove through the gap in the wall

I continued the spirit of the Normandy Scholars as I traveled to Berlin to the Berlin Wall Memorial. Here I am on the lookout of the memorial looking at a section of preserved Berlin Wall. I just find it unbelievable that people were subjugated through a division by a man-made creation.

Berlin wall fortification

Original and reconstruction of the Berlin Wall and fortifications