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Post Number Two: Paris

The second leg of our journey took us deep into the heart of Paris. We traveled from Caen to Paris abroad a train which was very enjoyable. The trip took a few hours and allowed for us to see the french countryside which was previously hidden from our view. After arriving in Paris, we checked into our hotel and then walked to a nearby park. We then walked around and saw a bunch of really awesome monuments and parks that were scattered throughout the city. Following the random parks and monuments, we then embarked to the Eiffel Tower. It is very large. I think the Notre Dame was the coolest monument I saw though, but it was sad that we couldn’t get any closer to the monument due to the armed security guards. The police in Paris are armed to the teeth, I think it’s really cool. Like full Armour and machine guns, they don’t play around here. As far as monuments go, we visited a few different cemeteries such as an American and German one and walked around both. The American one was very nice and there was lots of security and such. The German one was almost the opposite with everything dark and dreary as opposed to the American one. In my previous post I mentioned the food. I feel it is only reasonable to keep in line with that trend. The breakfast in Paris is decent so far but leaves a lot to be desired thus far. It was mediocre compared to Caen. So far the ranking is Caen, London, and then Paris is last. I also tried snail for the first time which wasn’t bad at all. It was honestly great. I also tried McDonald’s for the first time which was also very good surprisingly. I had fried goat cheese there (not half bad). The drinks here are also very good as well (nonalcoholic of course).