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Normandy Post Three

This post will talk about the rest of our time in Paris and what we did. One of the highlights of visiting Paris was getting to go and visit Versailles. This famous building was larger than life and more than I ever could have imagined. The estate covered more land than is possible to walk over the course of an afternoon. It contained multiple buildings and giant rivers as well. The art was equally unbelievable and every single room was filled with it making it very nice to walk through. Speaking of art, I also had the opportunity to visit the Louvre which was also a lot larger than I expected it to be. This building has more art than would be possible to see in a week of exploration. The Mona Lisa was cool to see but kind of underwhelming compared to some of the other pieces shown. As far as the different monuments and memorials that we visited in accordance with the program, they all helped to strengthen the foundation that I have been building about my knowledge of memorials in Europe and helped show that Paris has done a great job in remembering the events of world war 2. The French also had a wonderful museum detailing aspects of the holocaust which we were fortunate enough to get to see. The Eiffel Tower was also amazing to get to see as well and dominates the surrounding landscape. You honestly don’t realize how big it is until you are there and it is quite shocking. The bakeries and creperies are amazing in Paris as well and I highly recommend. Now for the breakfast review. In our trip to Amsterdam from Paris, we were given a bagged breakfast which consisted of two slices of white bread, a small container of nutella, and a container of apple sauce (?). This breakfast has earned the distinction of being the worst yet and has come in dead last. The ranking is now reflected as Caen>London>Paris>Paris Bagged Lunch. Stay tuned for Amsterdam:)