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A Revenant of the next generation

During our journey on multiple occasions we where told, “it’s nice to see the younger generation coming here.” These comments came from a generation that was both directly affected and impacted from World War II or from the next generation after the war, which had family ties to events and memories. This statement made us all think as to why the expression was commented; as well as, the statement became various points of discussion during the trip.

Our generation and these places of memory hold a different meaning than the generations initiating these comments. Our generation is not making pilgrimages to these places as a form of reliving these events. Families World War II stories were pertinent in our various site discussions; in addition, my own family’s stories helped create my mind’s imagery of the site’s or relevant events. My generation has interpreted these places from what is present at the sites and what stories or narratives we have heard, read, or has been told. These places begin to transform their meaning to the non-revenant generation as we progress forward.

We in turn become revenants.

Thus, I am a revenant for the next generation to these places of memory. I am choosing what emotions to invoke by helping preserve and frame these narratives for the following generations. My generation holds the pervious generation’s memory in our hands. Our duty is to hand off these memories to those behind us. We have the responsibility to craft the narrative for others to understand and to preserve its integrity. We become the revenants.


A generation that….










The notion of the younger generation, my generation.

The new “Revenants”