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A New Perspective


I really enjoyed my time here in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is probably my favorite city we visited on our study abroad trip. While in Amsterdam, we visited the Anne Frank house. There, we toured the house, learned more information about the Franks, and saw how Anne Frank, her family and friends lived in their hiding place. It was cool to explore the house, but it raised questions in my head. One question that popped up in my head was “How did Anne and her family manage to not be heard over the two years of being at the house?” While walking through the house and then going up the stairs, I made so much noise not even trying to. So, it is hard for me to imagine how they managed to be quiet for so long. I also thought it was interesting how people were posing and smiling in front of the Anne Frank house, when instead remembering the people who lived in the house. Like we discussed in class today, it felt more like a tourist attraction than a place to remember the lives of people during World War II. However, some people, especially older people, took the time to understand and learn about Anne’s life and what she had to go through. Overall, I enjoyed learning more about Anne Frank and gaining a new perspective of her life and the lives her story has touched.